Increasingly, CRM systems are being tied into overall business systems. Some can also be integrated with a company’s marketing automation software to link marketing efforts more closely with sales efforts. In a world where sales and marketing often disagree, or worse, don’t even communicate, there are several benefits to giving these teams a window into each other’s worlds.

For example, imagine if the sales team had more visibility into each newly launched marketing campaign. It would prevent them from being blindsided by an unknown promotion when walking into a customer’s office, and it would allow them to leverage this messaging during their pitch, resulting in a more cohesive overall message. Integrating marketing with your CRM can also help to qualify leads, scoring prospects based on whether they open or click on email, or download a marketing document.

Linking CRM and marketing can help the marketing team to improve their messaging over time, increasing the likelihood that the sales team will jump on board with new campaigns. Companies can encourage their sales reps to take notes in the CRM that help the marketing team see how customers are responding to new campaigns, helping them to incrementally improve campaign effectiveness.

Given the right set-up, companies can track the sales team’s feedback by individual campaign and specific customer, giving both teams clues as to which messaging works best on which customer segment. Alternately, this information could be used to better understand their customers’ varied buying behaviors and drivers, and those customers could be segmented accordingly.

Specific segments could then be targeted by sales managers to help them prioritize reps’ time when pitching products or services that address specific customer needs.

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Your CRM should also be linked with your existing ERP and other systems; Selltis CRM has integrated with such systems as Prophet 21, Tribute, JD Edwards and more, allowing the ability to seamlessly move quotes to the order stage, track order history, and synchronize pricing and customer contact information. Watch this webinar to learn how to bridge the gap between your CRM and ERP data.

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