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Cloud Based CRM - Tailor Made for Industrial Sales Teams

Sales Process + Industry Focused CRM = $uccess


Incorporate Smart Industrial Sales Management Processes

Selltis CRM was designed for the industrial sales market by industrial sales professionals. From fields, lists and processes to quote templates and unique, in-context data management, the product is structured to improve the effectiveness of your sales channel without the need for a costly reinvention.

Focus on the Front-End of your Sales Cycle

Managing the Front-End of the sales cycle is critical for the growth of your business. Most companies have processes and procedures to manage the Back-End of the business (Order stage). Selltis believes there needs to be focus on the Front-End. This is where you can separate yourself from your competitors.
Download Sales Cycle Management Worksheet

Target Account Matrix

Selltis CRM has a unique 4 dimension process to allow you to easily see where you should be spending your time. Most companies use a 1 dimension process for managing target accounts. This 4 dimension process drives a matrix that allows you to see where your growth accounts are as well as feedback on performance.
Download Target Account Matrix Worksheet

P21 Integration

Two-way exchange of data between Selltis and P21, tying back-end data into the front-end sales processes, and pushing Selltis quotes into P21 as orders.

  • Quote to Order
  • History
  • Customer and Ship-to Records
  • Part Numbers
  • Specifications
  • Pricing

Team Selling

Selltis believes sharing and leveraging information can be a competitive edge. It all starts with a team selling philosophy and approach. We can help bring your entire sales team together—inside sales, outside sales, customer service, regional managers, distributors, independent representatives, and business partners—whether they are in the office, on the road, or inside a separate company. More Details

Management Dashboards

Measure performance and keep your finger on the pulse of your business by using Selltis' myriad sales pursuit-focused dashboards. Better yet, tailor existing dashboards or create your own from scratch. The dashboards are all real time and internal to Selltis CRM- we do not use any 3rd party reporting tools . You can quickly and easily print these dashboards/reports or export them to MS Excel. More Details

Thousands of users across the world use Selltis CRM for unleashing their Team Sales potential. Join the action !!

Keeping Score is important

Keeping to the Selltis ‘in sight, in mind – out of sight, out of mind’ philosophy, built in scorecards, dashboards and KPI reports based on the concept that ‘You must measure input to get desired output’ are standard in Selltis CRM. More Details
Download KPI Tracking Worksheet

Integrated Price Quoting

Selltis CRM has a built-in, automated quoting module, which creates standards and structure for every quote. You input the quote in Selltis and can quickly output it to Word or PDF. More Details

ERP integration for 360 Degree View

Selltis CRM equips you with a 360 degree view of customer and prospect activity from Leads to Quotes to Orders. Your team will have critical real-time Front-End and Back-End information at their fingertips. More Details


Customer Testimonials

"“[Selltis] allows us to professionally and thoroughly report back to our ‘A-line’ principals on activity we are working on their behalf in the field.”

Bob Wescherath Jr.President
ACI Controls

“[The system] was clearly and obviously designed by someone who knows our industry, who had worked in our environment and understood the focused functionality required to satisfy our specific needs.“

Mario Porrata-Franceschini President
MRF, Inc.

"The reporting is unbelievable ... The system is so intuitive that we are able to continually customize [it]."

Brad Rennick VP of industrial Sales
Wika Instruments, Ltd.