• CRM built by and for industrial sales professionals

    “The system was clearly and obviously designed by someone who knows our industry, who had worked in our environment and understood the focused functionality required to satisfy our specific needs.”
    -Mario Franceschini-Porrata, President, MRF Inc.

Designed for your business.

Selltis helps industrial sales organizations improve the effectiveness of their sales channels without the need for a costly reinvention.

A focus on the front end of the sales cycle.

Selltis CRM helps your team identify, track and convert more sales opportunities.

Sales Cycle - Front End and Back End - Selltis CRM

A 360-degree view of your business.

Get the data you need to manage your business more effectively from lead to close.

See for yourself how Selltis is built for your business.
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"Selltis gave us flexibility that the others didn’t! It was friendly enough that savvy users could develop their own desktops and not bog down the IT team. We had the ability to extract data, link all data together and an unlimited number of options to view our data."
Mary Warnke Director of IT, Crane Engineering Sales
“Selltis allows us to professionally and thoroughly report back to our ‘A-line’ principals on activity we are working on their behalf in the field.”
Bob Wescherath Jr. President, ACI Controls
“Two things sold us on Selltis. The first was the Selltis company's understanding of our business. The second was that out of the box the program hit 95% of our needs. Selltis had already mapped out the sales cycle and understood the way we do business."
Chip Toth Vice President, JCI Industries

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