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    CRM built for industrial distributors, reps and manufacturers

Frustrated by one-size-fits-all sales platforms, our founder’s goal was to make Selltis CRM a fit right out of the box for distributors, reps and manufacturers that sell technical and industrial products and services.

Industrial sales veteran Brian Gardner led the team that built Selltis CRM, leveraging more than 15 years’ experience improving sales processes for a major regional industrial distribution company.

Gardner has since turned over leadership at Selltis, but the company is still made up of sales, software and supply chain experts who “speak the language” of industrial manufacturers, reps and distributors.

Selltis CRM requires very little customization for most customers, which speeds implementation and reduces the total cost of ownership. We sell direct, so for customers who do require customization, the Selltis team can make changes, avoiding the extra time and energy often required when working through a third-party seller.

Selltis CRM is powered by technology services company Infodat International, Inc. Learn more at infodatinc.com.

We understand your unique challenges and can help you

Empower your team

Selltis brings your entire team together – including inside sales, outside sales, customer service, service teams, regional managers, engineers, channel partners and more. By enabling your teams to log contacts, interactions, sales opportunities and more in one place, from anywhere and any device, we empower them with the information they need to better serve your customers.

Harvest low-hanging fruit

Long sales cycles and unclear priorities can make it difficult for teams to focus on the opportunities that matter most. Selltis directs your team to invest time in areas that will yield the greatest return. To-do lists and reminders help your team to stay on top of all opportunities no matter where they fall in the sales cycle.

Align technology with better process

Our experience has taught us that sales process is just as important as CRM technology. Selltis’s features and functionality are mapped to a proven sales process; we embrace the power of putting focus on the front end of the sales cycle (leads and opportunities) to give your team a competitive edge.

Integrate seamlessly with your ERP system

When you link Selltis CRM with your ERP system, as well as other technology platforms, you’ll gain a 360-degree view of your business, with your data in one place. Move quotes to orders with a single click, avoid time-consuming data-entry duplication and automatically sync contact and pricing information.


"Selltis gave us flexibility that the others didn’t! It was friendly enough that savvy users could develop their own desktops and not bog down the IT team. We had the ability to extract data, link all data together and an unlimited number of options to view our data."
Mary Warnke Director of IT, Crane Engineering Sales
“Selltis allows us to professionally and thoroughly report back to our ‘A-line’ principals on activity we are working on their behalf in the field.”
Bob Wescherath Jr. President, ACI Controls
"The system was clearly and obviously designed by someone who knows our industry, who had worked in our environment and understood the focused functionality required to satisfy our specific needs."
Mario Franceschini-Porrata President, MRF

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