We are big fans of team selling at Selltis; our CRM system is designed to integrate data from every department. One area where industrial sales organizations sometimes struggle is transferring marketing analytics to the sales team so that they can make better decisions about where to spend their time. The lead handoff, and the data associated with it, is critical. Here’s what you need to make it happen:

  1. Standardization. A recent study by Altman Vilandrie found that the standardization of lead handoffs from marketing to sales could increase conversion rates by up to 17 percentage points. With CRM-marketing automation integration, leads can be marked as qualified and automatically passed to the right sales reps, ensuring consistency.
  2. Actionable lead scoring. Lead scoring – possible in many marketing automation platforms including Selltis’s Closed Loop Marketing solution – can improve conversion rates by as much as 10 percentage points, the study found. These scores are brought to life when they are pulled into a CRM platform, giving reps the convenience of working in one system and giving them another metric by which to prioritize their time.
  3. Customer journey mapping. Manually, it would be impossible for the marketing department to continually update sales reps on the activity of every lead, but integrating marketing data into your CRM can accomplish this task automatically. When reps know, for example, that a lead or customer has downloaded a whitepaper or clicked an email on a certain topic, they know what to talk about with that lead or customer when they come calling.

All of this requires a CRM platform that plays well with others. Because we believe in the power of integration, we’ve designed Selltis CRM to integrate simply and seamlessly with many popular software systems, including marketing, email and ERP. Learn more about Selltis CRM, and request a demo today.

Integrating your ERP with your CRM can provide a 360-degree view of your business. See Why ERP Integration is the CRM Holy Grail.

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