Cloud technology provides many benefits, which is why providers of CRM and other technology platforms are increasingly cloud-based. Cloud technology (like that used by Selltis) allows teams to access data anywhere, anytime, which is critical in today’s age of information.

Cloud technology also streamlines installation and maintenance; your provider will automatically handle updates on their end, reducing demands on your in-house IT staff. This also means that cloud services often end up being more affordable overall, since you won’t need to pay for updates again and again every three to four years when new versions come out.

However, one of the greatest obstacles to sweeping cloud technology adoption among organizations has been a lack of trust in the security of cloud technologies. The perception has been that because company information travels back and forth from local company computers and technology providers’ servers via the internet that it is easier for would-be data thieves to access company information than if it were stored locally.

In fact, up until last year, a full half of organizations reported a distrust of cloud technology, according to an Intel survey. In contrast, in this year’s study of more than 2,000 professionals – “Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky: The State of Cloud Adoption and Security” — the number of organizations reporting distrust of the cloud dropped by almost half, to only 29% of respondents.

The report attributed this increasing level of trust to “public cloud platforms investing in more development into security and support. From authentication to more complex secured APIs, public cloud platform providers are hardening every aspect of their systems to ensure greater security and scalability.”

This increasing focus on security isn’t the only reason cloud offerings are increasingly secure. In all but the largest and most technical firms, internal IT departments have inferior hardware, software and human resources available compared with technology providers.

Cloud-based Selltis CRM, available 24-7 from any device, is secured with 128-bit encryption, ensuring that private company data stays private. Learn more about Selltis CRM features here.

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