5 Signs You May Not Be Ready for a New CRM System

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Reduce Sales-Marketing Conflict with the Right CRM

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How to Leverage CRM to Improve Product Mix

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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Base Forecasts on Your Sales Pipeline

Many companies base sales forecasts on their sales pipeline numbers (usually measured by open quote dollars). But this metric isn’t ideal for forecasting sales, for at least three reasons. Why the pipeline metric is impractical for sales forecasting The pipeline numbers … Read More

The Value of CRM Part 2: Bridging Islands of Data

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The Value of CRM, Part 1: Automation

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3 Resolutions to Get the Most Out of CRM in 2017

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CRM Functionality: Calendar Management

Many companies manage calendars in individual Outlook accounts, but in a CRM system, you can do group calendaring with your team internally, as well as with external partners such as manufacturers, product specialists and others. That visibility is valuable. For … Read More

5 Questions to Ask to Qualify Sales Opportunities

Proactive sales opportunity management is one area where CRM can help you grow sales with existing customers, as well as with new ones. But not every opportunity is worth pushing forward in the pipeline. Have your salespeople ask these five … Read More

CRM Functionality: Sales Opportunity Management

Opportunity management is the entire front end of the sales process. An opportunity comes after you qualify a lead. Effective opportunity management adds visibility to what’s coming down the pipeline. Your CRM system allows you to automate this process. If … Read More